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National Walkathon - October 16, 1999


In 1998 Elise Jenkins set out to gather 1,000,000 names on her petition for More Wholesome Movies. Ever since, people have been inspired to lend her their support in many ways. Now, the Goodworks Network is involved full force and is asking you and your family to take part in what will become National History and the strongest form of support ever given for the cause of More Wholesome Movies.

On October 16, 1999, groups all across this nation, and even in foreign countries will join an organized walkathon in their own communities. Volunteers to walk the laid-out course are welcome to join this effort for More Wholesome Movies. Area Supervisors have been chosen to take the responsibility in their community and are in charge of registering local participants for the walk in their city or area.

Join the walk nearest you:

Beginning October 16th and running to the end of 1999, smaller groups of people are taking this petition and walking around shopping malls and neighborhoods to continue collecting names on this petition. These groups are privileged to download the "1M BY Y2K" T-shirt image and make their own T-shirts for the cause. For details about participating in a 1M BY Y2K event, see the 1M BY Y2K Web Page.

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