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1M BY Y2K Events From October 16 - December 31, 1999

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In 1998 Elise Jenkins set out to gather 1,000,000 names on her petition for More Wholesome Movies. Ever since, people have been inspired to lend her their support in many ways. Now, the Goodworks Network is involved full force and is asking you and your family to take part in what will become National History and the strongest form of support ever given for the cause of More Wholesome Movies. Let's help Elise collect one million names on her petition by the year 2000.

From October 16 - December 31, 1999, groups all across this nation, and even in foreign countries will form teams in their own communities and set out to collect names on The Petition For More Wholesome Movies. You and your friends can walk around in shopping malls and neighborhoods, telling people about the petition and asking them to either sign your copy, or to come to to read more about the petition and add their name to the online version.

T-shirts and Info Cards will be needed to "be licensed" or rather, to look like a team together. If you put together a group of people for a 1M BY Y2K event, be sure to sign-in on the More Wholesome Movies Bulletin Board Forum.

Here is the text for the Info Cards which is approved by
The Nationwide Walkathon & 1M-BY-Y2K Committee.
To be passed out to everyone you meet.
Copy and paste the text on this sample card to your word processor and lay it out to look like you see it below. You can fit 4 or 6 cards on a single 8.5" x 11" page. Cut them into separate cards and hand them out to everyone you see. Be cheerful :-)

You are invited to sign
The Petition For More Wholesome Movies

Families everywhere are taking a stand and asking Hollywood to offer cleaner versions of their movies, and make them appropriate for all family members. Typically, Hollywood produces edited versions of their movies for television and the airlines, but as the rating standards have degraded over time, young children are now exposed to more violence, sex and vulgarity in "PG-13" rated movies than even existed in "R" rated movies just 20 years ago. Is it any wonder why we have school shootings, gangs, violence, teenage pregnancies and disrespect for authority? While many families are resisting the garbage in films, building good character in themselves, resisting the temptations to watch filthy entertainment is very hard to do for most. We challenge Hollywood to offer more wholesome movies, edited for families to watch together, without embarrassment or the need for parents to explain Hollywood's actions. We are the customer, and we should have more choice in this matter. We recognize that some may still prefer to view the un-edited versions, so we maintain their rights by petitioning for More Wholesome Movies for the rest of us. The majority of new films coming from Hollywood producers are not suitable for family viewing. We are urging Hollywood to "Cut It Out" and to give us More Wholesome Movies. Please ask your family to go to to sign the online version of this petition, or to locate a paper petition, if locations are indicated on the reverse side of this card. Thank you for your help.

This is an event for 1M-BY-Y2K = 1 Million names by the year 2000
Thank you for your help, Members of The Goodworks Network

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