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This is my story.

"My ultimate goal is to be able to walk into a video store and choose a "G" rated version of the popular movies. Years ago when "Feature Films for Families" contacted us, they said that this was their goal. They hoped to create a big enough customer base to show producers that there was truly a market for this kind of entertainment. When I was fourteen, my mom and I were wondering how long it would take for that to happen. We started coming up with ideas about what could be done to speed up this process. So this project is what we came up with and it's working very well!!

I've been thrilled about the responses that we've received WORLDWIDE and it's been exciting to see signatures from various faraway places such a Pago Pago, Sweden, Australia, Germany, China, Poland, etc. The response and enthusiasm as been beyond my wildest dreams!!

Some might ask why I'm passionate about this. There are many reasons. The most offensive to me is the Lord's name being taken in vain. Anytime our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ's name is used, it should be used with utmost respect, love and reverence. If it is used in any other way, their name is being taken in vain! That is breaking one of the most important commandments that our Heavenly Father has given us. Another reason is because of the double standards that are being taught in homes all over the world. How do you think children feel when they're punished for saying swear words, but then parents invite that kind of language into their home through videos and T.V. don't children get the message that it's okay for other people to say those words, but not for them too? How much intelligence does it show to talk that way anyway?

Pornography is another devastating issue. I remember hearing about a study that was done where the result showed that a very high percentage of child molesters began with pornography at a young age. It desensitizes people to other people's feelings, becomes an addiction and puts them in chains of bondage, instead of having the freedom that they thought they had in the first place. Our minds are like recorders, Once the images and words are in our mind, they can pop up unexpectedly, at any time. A person can never get rid of them.

S E X ! ! ! Movie and television generally only show the glamour and no consequences for their actions! This is not life!!! Do they show the unwanted child with no father in it's life? Do they show the sexually transmitted diseases? Do they show the abortions that come as a result of that action? Do they show the guilt and the lack of self-esteem that comes from that kind of lifestyle? NO!!! I'd like to see more traditional values, with a father and mother in the home, to have couples married rather than just living together!!

It's astounding to see the hours that children are in front of the television set! They are having violence, sex, and bad language constantly thrown at them! And we wonder why this world is the way it is!! There are so many of us that feel this way that it's time to do something about it!!

With the rating system the way it is, I've seen many "PG" movies that had nothing offensive in them, but many more of them had a lot of offensive things in them. The only way you know is to see them, then the damage is done. I've been amazed that so many people have said that they have quit going to movies altogether!!

Since they're already making edited versions of the movies for airlines, why not make them available to the public for those people who want them? Wouldn't it be nice to have a choice?

I personally believe that our bodies are temples that Heavenly Father has created and He didn't want them to be defiled in ANY way!! I believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men. I've learned from experience that keeping myself clean has brought me much happiness and I know that if everyone did the same, they would feel that happiness that I feel.

Please help me in this effort to make the world a better place!! I can't do it alone, but together we CAN make a BIG difference! If you would like to see my web page, the address is:


I encurage your feedback. You are welcome to leave me a message on the The Goodworks Bulletin Board or you may write me at the postal address below.

Very sincerely,

Elise Jenkins

P.O. Box #102
Valley Springs, Arkansas 72682

As a member of the LDS Church I would like to point out that my church boldly makes official statements about related subjects such as morality, families, and relationships. I recommend to friends everywhere that you take time to read " The Family: A Proclamation to the World", by the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is an excellent guide for families in a troubled world!