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Family Entertainment!

A Petition By Elise Jenkins

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June 04, 2023
You and your family are sitting in the theater anticipating watching the movie you've heard so much about. Your children look up at you as they hear words that you have taught them not to say, the five-minute sex scene seems to never end as your whole family sits there squirming in their seats. As a parent, what do you do?

We all know the devastating effects pornography can have on us. The Lord's name taken in vain is common place wherever we go. We're becoming desensitized to everything, including violence and death. Do we accept these things as if nothing can be done?

One voice may not be heard, but if we all feel strongly about this issue, we can all do a little and make a big difference. The more names we get, the more impressive it'll be. With you're help, we can do it!!

My goal is to collect one million names in the year 2000. Thanks to the tremendous response so far, I now have:
names on the web page petition.

We also have over 30000
names on the paper petition.

My name is Elise Jenkins. I am a 18 year old Senior in High School doing a Laurel Project (similar to a Boy Scout Eagle Project) as part of my church's youth program. The purpose of it is to see how many names I can get from all over the world on these petitions. I am asking everyone who is willing to help, to please print out and copy this cover letter along with the printable petition form, then give or mail it to several people who you think would be interested in helping out. People who would sign it, people who would get more signatures, and people who would mail a master copy to others they know, and so forth. When I get all of the names, I'll write to producers so that they can see the interest that there is in good, wholesome, family entertainment. I will ask them to edit the movies and make a "G" rated Version when possible. I am excited about this project and believe that all of us together can make a difference!!

Here's what you can do to help:

1. Electronically sign the Web Page Petition Form now, then Email a link to this page to everybody you think might be interested in signing this petition.

2. Print-out and make several copies of the Printable Petition Letter and Signature Form. Keep the original for yourself plus an extra copy in case you get more than 50 names!! Think of your friends and family. Who would be most likely to carry this project out and get more signatures on this petition? Send a copy of both the Petition Letter and Signature Form to each of them to pass around.

3. When you finish with this, please send it back to me at this address:

Elise Jenkins
P.O. Box #102
Valley Springs, Arkansas 72682

The goal for this petition is to collect 1,000,000 names in the year 2000. There will be some of you who will receive this close to the deadline. If there are a lot of petitions coming in and if you need more time, contact me and I will extend it.

I appreciate all of your time and energy that you have and will put into this!! Thank you so much! If you have any questions you can leave me a message on the Goodworks Bulletin Board; or write me at the address above. Again, thank you!!

Love, Elise Jenkins

P.S. Financial reward is what makes producers decisions. Please support family shows.