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Nationwide Walkathon Supervisor's Checklist

The following list of tasks is suggested as a guide to put together a walk in your area. It is posted so that Area Supervisors can print it, and follow it as much as they are able. It is also posted so that everyone "Doing The Walk" will know how much work is involved to instigate this event, while calling for their help and support with the tasks which the Area Supervisors need to get done.

Area Supervisors are to take charge of this event in their area, and see to it that:
A. Everyone who is doing the walk is registered with them (RSVP style) for a head count; B. Everyone has access to the iron-on transfer image made for T-shirts; C. Everyone wears a white T-shirt or Sweat-shirt during the walk; D. The walkers are equipped with plenty of info cards to pass out to spectators along the walking route, which invites and directs as many people as possible either to this web site, or to where they can sign the Petition For More Wholesome Movies on paper. All other suggestions and tasks on this list and in discussions are to support the above objective.

We remind everyone involved, that our mission is not to abolish current forms of entertainment, but to allow all of us who want it, a broader choice of More Wholesome Movies. We are sending a message to Hollywood and all movie producers that "We Want The Choice."


PUBLICITY MASTERS - Two or more people to be in charge of getting the word out.

  * Phase #1 - Submit a news release inviting the press to announce the Walkathon:
                       Guide them to for more details.

         Television____,  Radio____,  Newspapers____,  Sponsors____,  Posters____,

         Personal E-mail____, Word of Mouth____, Other ideas___________________.

  * Phase #2 - Prepare the walkers for the event.

         T-shirts____, Signs____, Info. cards____, Other ideas___________________.

  * Phase #3 - Prepare the press to cover the event.

         Television coverage____, Radio coverage____, Newspaper coverage____.

PETITION MASTER(S) - One or more people to be in charge of the petition pages.

      Make petition copies____, Assign station managers____, Collect a count____.

      Petition pages to be turned into:
         Elise Jenkins
         P.O. Box 102
         Valley Springs, AR 72682

WALK MASTER(S) - One or more people to be in charge of the walk.

      Route layout____, Map of route____, Walkathon registration & count___.

      Need to map the route of your walk?
      Enter your zip code and try "Mapblast"
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